Arizona Winter School 2001
Course Descriptions and Notes

Kevin Buzzard: p-adic modular forms

  • Notes from Buzzard's lectures:
  • Buzzard's project was about computing the U operator on overconvergent 2-adic modular forms of level 1 and even weight: dvi, ps, pdf
  • Buzzard's students' write-up of their lecture: dvi, ps, pdf

Laurent Clozel: The local Langlands conjecture

  • Clozel's project description in html

Barry Mazur, assisted by Tom Weston: Euler systems

  • Preliminary notes for Mazur's lectures: dvi, ps, pdf
  • More detailed notes by Mazur's students: dvi, ps, pdf
  • Mazur's project description: dvi, ps, pdf
  • “Notes on Kato-Siegel functions,” used in Mazur's students' lectures: dvi, ps, pdf
  • A paper by Tom Weston on “The modular curves X0(11) and X1(11)”: ps, pdf
  • Another paper by Tom Weston, on “The Euler system of Heegner points”: dvi, ps, pdf
  • A repository at Harvard of documents related to Mazur's lectures and project

Dinakar Ramakrishnan: Modular forms over CM fields

  • An outline of Ramakrishnan's course and his project description: dvi, ps, pdf

Peter Sarnak: Analytic theory of automorphic L-functions and applications

  • Sarnak's course description and project in html
  • A list of references for Sarnak's course: dvi, ps, pdf

Professional Development Component
Silvo Levy: Writing and communicating mathematics

  • Levy's course description in html