Arizona Winter School 2002
Course Descriptions and Notes

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Johan de Jong: “Variation of Hodge Structures: some examples”

  • de Jong's course and project description in html
  • deJong's notes for his course:
    • Lecture 1 in pdf
    • Lecture 2 in pdf
    • Lecture 3 in pdf
    • Lecture 4 in pdf
  • The students' write up of deJong's project, in dvi, ps, pdf. The participants on the project were Jim Brown, Kirsten Eisentrager, Krzysztof Klosin, Jorge Pineiro, Mak Trifkovic, and Oliver Watson. The write up was done by Jim, Kirsten, Krzysztof, Jorge, and Oliver.

Pierre Deligne: “Periods for the Fundamental Group”

  • Deligne's course description in dvi, ps, pdf
  • Deligne's project description in dvi, ps, pdf
  • Preliminary notes by Kiran Kedlaya on Deligne's lectures, in pdf. A final version may eventually appear on Kedlaya's site.

Fernando Rodriguez Villegas: “Periods and special values of L-functions”

  • Rodriguez Villegas' course and project description in dvi, ps, pdf

Claire Voisin: “Hodge theory and filtrations on Chow groups”

  • Voisin's course and project description in html
  • Two document relevant to Voisin's project: an extract from her book on Hodge theory (in french) in ps and a paper of Kimura in ps.

Professional Development Component:
“Using technology in the undergraduate classroom”

  • A description of the professional development component in html.
  • Documents on Deborah Hughes Hallet's lecture on “Mathematics for the Reluctant”:
    • Powerpoint slides on HIV testing.
    • An Excel spreadsheet on medical test and Bayes' theorem.
    • An article in Science magazine on “Communicating Statistical Information.”
  • Documents on Shuzo Takahashi's lecture on “Spreadsheet Software as a Teaching Tool for Introductory Mathematics Courses”:
    • Powerpoint slides from his lecture.
    • A zip archive (2.6MB!) with 7 spreadsheets and a Powerpoint file from the business Math course.
  • Documents on Bill Velez's lecture on “The Calculator Based Laboratory”:
    • The Texas Instruments web page on the Calculator Based Laboratory.
  • Documents on Doug Ulmer's lecture on “A simple simulation to value stock options”:
    • Powerpoint slides on a model to value options.
    • A zip archive of 3 Excel spreadsheets with simulations illustrating the model. (There are links to these spreadsheets in the slide show. These links will most likely not work on your computer, but you can manually open the spreadsheets.)
    • A one-page note (in pdf) on risk-neutral valuation (also linked to in the slides).