Arizona Winter School 2000
Course Descriptions and Notes

Greg Anderson: Introduction to fermionic Fock space for number theorists

  • Anderson's course description in html.
  • Greg Anderson's “Notes on fermionic Fock space for number theorists” (snapshot at the time of the Winter School) are available in dvi, ps, and pdf formats. Later versions may appear on Greg's web site.
  • Greg Anderson's project is “A determinantal procedure for calculating Jacobians of genus 1 curves.” A detailed description is available in dvi, ps, and pdf formats.
  • Here is a fragment of Maple code for calculating the tau functions appearing in his lectures, in a text file.

Nicholas Katz: Four lectures on Weil II

  • Nick Katz has provided a polished write-up of his course, entitled “L-functions and monodromy: four lectures on Weil II.” (The file is in pdf format.)
  • Nick Katz proposes a project concering “Mysterious formulae involving the numbers of points in some families of elliptic curves.” Here is the description in html.

Kristin Lauter, René Schoof, and Michael Zieve: The number of points on a curve over a finite field

  • The points course description in html.
  • Schoof's Abuja notes are a good reference for this course: dvi, ps, pdf.
  • Kristin Lauter and Michael Zieve have a three-part project entitled “Using class field theory to construct curves with many points.” (Kristin will supervise Parts 1 and 2 and Michael will supervise Part 3.) A detailed description is available in dvi, ps, and pdf formats. Also, references [6] and [7] in their bibliography are available here. ([6] in ps and pdf, [7] in ps and pdf.)

Peter Sarnak: Zeta functions and symmetry

Douglas Ulmer: Elliptic curves over function fields and a Gross-Zagier theorem

  • Ulmer's course description in html.
  • Here is an outline of Doug Ulmer's course: dvi, ps, pdf.
  • Doug Ulmer's project is “Explicit calculations with elliptic curves over function fields.” A detailed description is available in dvi, ps, and pdf formats.
  • A very nice write-up of the project by Mihran Papikian: ps, pdf
  • A related paper: “Elliptic curves with large rank over function fields.” Here is a link to the arXiv version of the paper.