The Southwest Center for Arithmetic Geometry

Student Application Instructions

In order to register for the Arizona Winter School, you will need to create an account at Please follow the instructions below, noting especially that you must submit a tailored letter request, rather than a generic letter request.

  1. To start the application process, open this link in a new window.
  2. Create an account with, using your institutional email address.
  3. Fill out the standard cover sheet. You must enter the name and contact information of your reference-writer (typically your advisor). Leave the box "email notify writer on submit" un-checked.
  4. After completing the cover sheet, proceed with your application through mathprograms by filling out all of the additional information requested.
  5. You must request a tailored letter from your reference writer. To do this, click the green arrow next to your reference's email address and mark the option Request a tailored letter for this institution only, then click submit in the dialogue box.

    Click The Green Arrow

  6. Click apply.
You will receive a confirmation from Application and funding decisions will be made in December.