Southwest Center
Walking Directions

Important addresses

Sheraton Four Points: 1900 E. Speedway Boulevard, Tucson AZ 85719. Tel: (520) 327-7341.

Sahara Apartments: 919 N. Stone Avenue, Tucson AZ 85705. Tel: (520) 622-4102.

Lectures: Talks will take place in Room 207 of McClelland Hall on the the University of Arizona campus. (This is different from the location we've had for the past few years.) For the purpose of online mapping websites you may use the address 1130 E. Helen St., Tucson AZ 85721. McClelland is on the north side of Speedway, approximately five blocks west of the Sheraton; the entrance is one block to the north of Speedway, on Helen. There is an underpass underneath Speedway on the west side of McClelland, in case you prefer to walk on the south side of Speedway.


Here are some directions according to Google Maps:

The University and the Marriott and Sheraton Hotels

The Marriott, where the banquet will take place, is located at 880 E. Second Street, to the west of campus. The Sahara apartments is off the map to the left, along Second Street.)

University and Hotels