Southwest Center Walking
and Driving Directions

Important addresses

DoubleTree Tucson: 445 South Alvernon Way, Tucson AZ 85711. Tel: (520) 881-4200.

Sahara Apartments: 919 N. Stone Avenue, Tucson AZ 85705. Tel: (520) 622-4102.

Lectures: Talks will take place in the Berger Auditorium (room 207) of McClelland Hall on the University of Arizona campus. For the purpose of online mapping websites you may use the address 1130 E. Helen St., Tucson AZ 85721. McClelland is on the north side of Speedway, approximately five blocks west of Campbell Ave; the entrance is one block to the north of Speedway, on Helen. There is an underpass underneath Speedway on the west side of McClelland, in case you prefer to walk on the south side of Speedway.


Here are some directions according to Google Maps:

Participants with cars may park in the Park Avenue Garage immediately to the west of McClelland Hall, at the corner of Park and Speedway. The garage should be free on the weekend, and will cost $8 per day on the weekdays. You may also be able to find on-the-street parking in the neighborhood to the north of McClelland.

Shuttle Service

Since the hotel is not within walking distance of the lectures, the hotel is providing a shuttle/bus service between the hotel and the lecture hall. In the morning, the first shuttles will leave the hotel at 8 am, and the last shuttles will leave at 8:30 am.

After the lectures, there will be two sets of shuttles. For those wishing to return to the hotel immediately, shuttles will be available directly after the lectures. For those wishing to have dinner in the university area, there will be a pick-up at 7:15 pm from the parking lot on the east side of Tyndall Ave just south of University Blvd. The pick-up point is marked on the Google map below (the satellite view may be helpful). For pick-ups at other times, e.g. later in the evening, you can call the main hotel switchboard at 520-881-4200 to ask whether a shuttle might be available. However, the scheduled pick-ups are the only times and places we can guarantee the (prompt) availability of a shuttle.


The pins on this map show the DoubleTree and Sahara hotels, McClelland Hall, the Park Street parking garage, the after-dinner shuttle pickup point, and the Math Department.

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